VIDEO: S.W. Basics - The Art of Simple Skincare

Meet the passionate founders behind the organic, 5-ingredient skincare line


What does truly all-natural skincare mean? At S.W. Basics of Brooklyn, it means 5 (or fewer) pure, nourishing ingredients—each one carefully selected and sourced by co-founders Adina Grigore and Adam Poor.

It all started when Adina couldn’t find anything on the market that didn’t irritate her ultra-sensitive skin: “I started to realize that the more ingredients something had in it, the more likely I was to have a negative reaction—even if they were supposedly all-natural,” she says. “The formulas were originally just meant to be a solution for my skin, but it turned out that the products were so effective that we wanted to share them with others.”

The tiny team, which includes only one other member, makes everything by hand in Brooklyn. Their product line includes cleansers, toner, moisturizer (which they call “cream”), makeup remover, and lip balms in delicious scents, including peppermint, cocoa, citrus, and cinnamon. Most importantly, every item lists every ingredient right on the front label. “You can put the products on your skin and each one is exactly what it says it is…and it’s going to do exactly what it says it does, which is generally to clean, calm, and moisturize,” explains Adina.

“We’re really sensitive to the fact that what’s fine for 99% of the population could actually be irritating to some people,” says Adam. “Those are our people!,” chimes in Adina. “Before us, they didn’t have products they could use,” he says.“It’s just super-simple, super-gentle—that’s why we call it the ‘Original Minimalist Skincare. ’ Our motto, printed on every bottle, is ‘Simplicity is the Essence of Awesome. ’” Adina adds, “Every ingredient is there to do something for your skin. Not for the product, it’s for you.”

“We are lucky to be a piece of this huge puzzle that is reshaping this world. Selling something that is truly, truly all-natural and sustainable and takes everything to the most transparent place that it could be—which I think is what Rodale’s is setting out to do,” she says. “We make sure to get the best source for every ingredient, and guarantee that it’s the best version of that ingredient that you can get,” says Adam. Adina echoes this no-shortcut sentiment: “We would rather pay a little more to make the products in order to do the right thing.”

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