3 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Beauty Routine

Put your best face forward with simple beauty refreshers to feel beautiful all season

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As we roll into the spring season, I always feel the urge to clean, purge, and start fresh in all areas of my life. There is something thrilling about the sense of renewal that arrives along with the tiny bursting buds all around us. The rejuvenating qualities of spring can also apply to your beauty routine. For me, spring has become the perfect excuse to experiment with my predictable routine and try something new with a sense of adventure. 

In the past, glamour and beauty came with a toxic price tag. The good news is that over the last several years, countless incredible non-toxic beauty brands have come to the forefront of the beauty industry. There is simply no need to sacrifice anything in color, texture, or style to go green and safe with our makeup.

Here are 3 quick ways you can change up your beauty routine for spring.

  1. Refresh with color. For me, spring is all about adding bright, bold, and beautiful new colors. This is less about following the trends and more about trying something that I’ve always wanted to try out. My color craving for this season is all about purple-y berry tones. What color have you always wanted to try? A new lipstick can be just the thing.

    Tip: I follow my personal and blogging guidelines for vegan, gluten-free, and non-toxic beauty products in anything that goes on my skin. Always read the labels and look for organic ingredients whenever possible to make the healthiest choice.

  1. Refresh your tools. How long have you had your makeup brushes? This is one of the most important things you can do to keep your skin healthy and clear: Keep brushes free from built-up dirt and bacteria. Simply wash thoroughly with a non-toxic castile soap. Let brushes lie flat on a clean towel or stand upright in a glass until they air dry. That’s it!

    This past weekend I did a major purge in my bathroom. I was shocked to see how many outdated products were under my sink. As I cleaned, I noticed my makeup brushes and thought, “How long has it been since I’ve cleaned them?” (The answer: “Too long!”)  So I took my own advice and washed every single brush, even the ones I don’t use often. Ahhh, that feels better.

  1. Refresh your skin. Start a new weekly beauty ritual: A simple beauty scrub is a fantastic way to renew and refresh your skin. Each day we shed thousands of dead skin cells, and while most of them float away or get washed away, there are still many skin cells that need a little help from you. As you gently scrub with natural ingredients, the fresh new layers of skin are exposed and give you that glow that we all want in clean, healthy skin. Besides drinking fresh water throughout the day, a scrub is a fast, easy, and effective way to love your beauty routine. Light some candles and put on your favorite music (I love to turn up a little soulful Adele tune) while you refresh your skin and enjoy its new spring glow!

Elena Lipson is passionate about living consciously and helping others tap into their intuition using self-expression, healthy food, play, creativity, and community.  You can find her blogging about everything from all-natural beauty and style to mindful eating at elenalipson.com.

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